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Visualising Climate Crisis: Advanced Mentoring Programme in Vietnam

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Visualising Climate Crisis

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Open to photographers of all ages (18+) and career stages who are nationals of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

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Artist in Residence
The climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges the world is currently facing. At NOOR, we strongly believe that through the power of visual journalism, impactful storytelling can inspire climate action. Are you a visual storyteller passionate about tackling issues surrounding the climate crisis and looking for a way to use your camera to make a difference?

The NOOR Visualising Climate Crisis: Advanced Mentoring Programme is an 8-month advanced visual storytelling training course dedicated to photographers and visual journalists from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. The programme, which is taught in English, is a combination of two physical workshops in Hanoi, Vietnam and a 5-month online mentorship program to develop individual projects on the Climate Crisis in the region.

The new work will be presented as a collective outdoor exhibition in Hanoi in September 2023.

The educational programme will be mentored by award-winning photojournalists Kadir van Lohuizen (Netherlands) and Linh Pham (Vietnam), reputed visual storytellers with extensive experience documenting the climate crisis. Through their guidance, we aim to provide you with the unique opportunity to acquire knowledge in how to research, investigate, produce, edit, curate and present powerful and impactful visual stories focused on the climate crisis.

You will gain valuable insight into how to approach your subject, how to research, source and use data from verified sources as well as how to edit, curate and present your work.

We will also touch on the business side of the profession: you will learn how to pitch your stories to diverse platforms such as publications, exhibitions and NGO’s. Together, we will approach the subject from a cutting edge multidisciplinary perspective through the usage of photography, video, sound, text and drone cameras.

We aim to facilitate a safe space where we can all share our experiences, worries, doubts and concerns on the stories we want to make and on the profession at large, as well as learning through open feedback. We wish to inspire you to elevate your visual storytelling skills by facilitating the improvement of your journalistic, investigative skills and visual expertise over the photographic medium.

The project that you will develop during this educational programme will reach local communities in Vietnam and across borders through the outdoor exhibition which we will curate together. It will also gain a global audience through NOOR’s media platforms and become part of the NOOR Archive.