Photography Contest


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This Call for Entries is open worldwide to both amateur and professional photographers.

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$35 / 3 images

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The New York Center for Photographic Art (NYC4PA) invites photographers world-wide to submit images using any photographic process (print, image transfer, emulsion transfer, encaustic, black and white, etc.). Winners will receive $4,000 in cash awards, be featured in the NYC4PA Online Gallery and in the winners catalog. The Grand Prize winning image will be posted on the NYC4PA home page.

There are references to trees in music, literature, proverbs, etc. But they are also an iconic visual as a standalone item next to the house in a children’s drawing or in groups of every size from oases to huge forests. In the forest and the jungle they create whole environments. Standing alone on hillsides they create lovely shadows. Trees can be tall and straight like a winter pine or bend in the wind. Limbs and branches create wonderful patterns against the sky. A tree will support a tire swing for a child on a hot day; provide sturdy posts to tie up the pet pup or hold a hammock off the ground, as well as support a backyard laundry line. In winter snow covered trees create beautiful landscapes. Send us your images of trees as you experience them – forests, single trees, branches, leaves, roots…. As with all calls, all 2D photographic art is accepted. ​